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From the depths of a recovered hard drive, spanning the half-assed (and sometimes 3/4-assed) work of two brothers, comes this, the Stumble Bungle. A look into the projects that didn't get very far (and one that's actually playable).

Three works bungled together, available together for the first time! Barely endorsable! Narrowly mentionable! Regrettably purchasable!

With this Bungle, you are getting three standalone executable "games":


A young man goes on a quest through a post-apocalyptic Toronto, collecting power-ups to recover his book draft.

  • All original graphics and SFX
  • One or two real Toronto references
  • Are those civil war zombies?
  • ---
  • This game is actually easily worth a buck on its own

Midi used:


Ghost House

Made by Devon Gardner, and improved by Andrew Gardner. Protect the Joy-Egg from demons. Await Charlie Block's instructions.

  • I'm gonna level with you
  • This is not a game of any kind
  • We made this in... '99 probably?

Cashman's Space Adventure in Space

Cashman battle's the monster in space using lasers.

  • Dramatic Voice-O-Vision allows the game to "speak"
  • Positive life-affirming message
  • Don't... don't expect much

Bonus Material!??

Some graphic assets from the games, sound effect files, and a kick-ass chiptunes cover of a Pixies song.


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